While you were sleeping…

…my lazy Saturday continues well. I’m tempted to grab a beer from the fridge but I’m saving them for tonight. There is however an open bottle of wine which is just begging to be drunk. My life certainly is full of challenging moments.

I’ve just read an article in the newspaper, I which really opened up my mind (though I must admit confused me in the same measure). In the article, Tim Lott argues that humanity is stuck in an evolutionary rut for as long as it takes for us to realise that it is possible to have two contrasting views in your head. Then it’s just a case of waiting until substantial facts are given to formalise an answer. At least I think that’s what he was saying. The main thing I gathered from it is that divisive things in life have shades of grey rather than being clear cut black or white. Examples Lott uses include peoples contrasting opinions of the James Bulger killers – the right wing would say Robert Thompson and Jon Venables are scum pure and simple and that they are nothing but evil. The left would argue that perhaps their lives were corrupted first by outside influences (movies/music/games etc). Regardless of the ‘correct’ way of thinking people are simply keen just to have something that compliments their view point; at which point they can put the kettle on and feel better. No one wants to be left without certainty even if the ‘answer’ that they have isn’t necessarily true. A convenient truth as they say.

What’s your view? Does it matter anyway?


At the moment the world is full of grand issues that spill into our life whether they actually need to or not. We are given opinions left right and centre and the more bloody minded people of this world ask you to make a decision there and then. You fall in line with whatever camp you feel most attached to and then all of a sudden you start looking at the other side and start wondering whether they were right instead.

All that this boils down to is that sometimes in life, when faced with a puzzling decision the best thing to do is to open the fridge and pour a glass of wine and wait for some facts to arrive. Then you don’t need to worry about anything at all apart from yourself. Particularly if all you are waiting for is the moment when other people open up their minds as well.


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