On my way home from a meeting today I had a beautiful moment of realisation. For a long time I have overcomplicated things. I have spent my time worrying about every possibility in every situation rather than focusing purely on what affects me. This may not be wholly true but it certainly feels like it.

I was about to write an example but it really doesn’t matter. I could list this and argue that and provide you with a whole set of facts and stats in order to justify my first sentence. But the reality is that neither I, or you, care. Instead I’ll keep it simple:

I’m 28. I have a wife. I have a dog and a rabbit. I work. I have good bunch of friends. I have a family who love me. I have a million things I could do and another million things I probably should do. But, for the record, I don’t feel the need to moan. Neither preach to you about what you should do.

Instead I’m just going to enjoy myself more. I love my life and want to continue doing it fully. What you choose to do with yours is completely up to you.

And, for the record, I will continue to blog. Because I love to write about life. Welcome to the world James…


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