I didn’t know that.

Being the raving Ayn Rand style egotist that I am, here’s a list of stuff that I like:


Orange is awesome. It has to be used sparingly and I associate the colour orange as the equivalent of the Money Shot in porn. It really is the crescendo to all other colours out their. Orange sunsets bathe the world in a warming glow. Orange sunrises are inspirational. Orange naturally makes me feel warm inside. It is also the only colour that makes brown look cool. And Mila Jovovichlook fitter.

Girls with Grrrr:

This is a difficult thing to sum up in paragraph but I adore women who fight for what they want. I hate gender inequality and am appalled that it still exists. Women and men are different biologically and often think about things with a completely different outlook but both are capable of achieving similar results if faced with a problem. I think you only need to look at National politics to appreciate how ridiculous the situation of gender inequality is and it’s great when you see strong female role models dominate headlines rather than some tramp with her tits out. Long live the girl with Grrr.

Art Deco:

There’s something about Art Deco that just makes me smile. The balance of curves and straight lines plus that stark text. Perhaps too many weeks on Fallout 3 lost in the wasteland of 50’s buildings. American diners and superfluous details. I guess you don’t know what love is until you’re in love. And then you can’t describe it at all.


This blog would not be on-line without a can or three of Carling. Beer is wonderful stuff. I miss my time at the Duke of Buckingham where I could sit with random people (who I’ll never see again in some cases) and just talk shit thanks to beer. Beer just sounds good too. I’d like a pint of beer please. That pretty much sounds like an orgasm right there. Thanks beer!


Maybe it’s the result of me growing up in Devon but I cannot live without a fix of the countryside. I think it’s the fact that if you stare at something long enough, even a few blades of grass, you find more and more intricacies and layers that have their own microcosm. There are a few shitty trees at the bottom of our garden. They fight and jostle for the best position in the sun. All their energy is expended maximising their ability to grow stronger by branching out to gather as much sunlight and water as possible. There aren’t any distractions in nature – you just fight and win or die.

Giant Space Laser Twattery:

It’s all about ramming the shit out of something if you know you’re about to die. This is basically it at it’s best. Note to world – 1998 happened 14 years ago. I need something better than this video from Babylon 5. 2.07 is the bit you want to watch all the way to 2.32 if you cannot tolerate more than 30 seconds of Sci-Fi.

The Universe:

If at any time I despair of life I look up and stare at the stars and realise quite how insignificant I am compared to the scale of the universe. I them quash my worries under the fact that they don’t compare to what could be out there. It means that I sleep easy.


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