Oh Happy Days.

Inspired by a friends recent blog I decided to talk about myself completely. What’s that you say? Mr Smith’s talking about himself! Heaven forbid. It’s not like I would never associate myself with the empty, talentless, and desperate people that so cheaply attempt to sell themselves to the world…

Anyway, in his blog my friend was talking about the pointlessness of aiming for something if you don’t know what you want and I thought about what I actually want from life. You know, what I want to achieve before I’m worm food. Surprisingly, the honest answer is that I don’t really have a clue about what I specifically want except that my happiness is paramount. There isn’t a single decision that I have made in my adult life that isn’t based on the simple principle that I intend to be happy.

I feel it’s important here to stress the fact that happiness, to me, is based on the principle of it being a long term thing. Generally any short term happiness is marred by the fact that it is bad for you and as such should be done in moderation (i.e. drinking/fast food/drugs) or not at all (crime/cheating etc). The annoying thing is that doing lots of the short term things that cause happiness are often the most fun – you’ll just end up fat/ugly/depressed/dead in the long run if you do too many. I realise this is all a bit vague and tenuous but I’ve read that if you skimp on the details people love you more.

So yeah – happiness is my only true goal. Now of course there are a number of contributing factors to this as you would assume. I want to be happy with my wife, at home, with friends and family. I want my job to reward me  and not the other way around. I could go on but you get the idea. Whatever improves or maintains my happiness is a good thing and the pursuit of this goal is really my sole aim in life (Will Smith style).

I will happily compromise my happiness in the short term especially if I know that my sacrifice will pay off later on. One perfect example of this would be the soul destroying time I spent at TICCS. I worked with some excellent people and I completely respect the business model of the company but ultimately I felt like I’d been mentally gang raped on a daily basis. The one thing that drove me to work hard and well for the company was the knowledge that every minute I spent there was another minute of valuable experience that I could use in the future to get a better job elsewhere. The writing of this blog at my current place of work is a tribute to my faith in this ideal.

The benefit of having such a tenuous goal as long term life happiness is that it’s very easy to compromise. Like a tree the survives a hurricane whilst the building next to it gets ripped apart, having flexibility in your life is paramount to survival. The thing is though I feel I’m stating the bloody obvious. Surely everyone wants to be  happy? Surely the fact that we have to work hard and be willing to compromise and be flexible in the pursuit of our goals is self evident? Or is it just me…


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  1. Thanks for the link mate – I’m not actually that depressing all the time! With regards to your excellent post, someone very important to me once told me that, in life, it seems that one can either search for deeper meaning or happiness, and it is this search that defines who we are. From your post, it seems that happiness is your goal (as is mine), which I think is the noblest thing to strive for. I don’t really have a point, by the way….

  2. syndathim says:

    I think the Apple Home Improvements (.com) advert is the main culprit for any depressing writing at the moment. In fact it might be the sole reason for the Arab Spring crisis.

    I get what you mean though and believe it or not I think you raise a very clear point. Just don’t ask me to go into it too much… OOOO wait metaphor time:

    Life is like two people on the same train journey. One may look at the window and enjoy the view while the other may work. Either way, they both reach the same destination.

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