Swings and Roundabouts…

I absolutely adore life. As far as I’m aware when I die I get eaten by worms and the natural goodness of my body goes into the ground. With that pretty depressing thought in the back of mind I try and look at the moments that I do get to enjoy as valuable indeed. It’s probably why I hate a lot of mediocre things in life; be that in the media, meals out or people. I refuse to put my faith in anything without being assured of it’s quality first and I also only take risks when the odds are likely that there will be a success at the end. If I’m wrong with my prediction I try not to let the error in judgement get me down and so I move on.

You may have read that paragraph and thought that that is what you think all the time and that I’m stating the obvious. Worryingly though you are probably wrong as you can read in my book, You’re Wrong: Studies in Stupidity (available in all good imaginations). You see I seem to be surrounded by doubt at times; crippling doubt that forces people to maintain the status quo out of fear.  I can tell in the faces of people I speak to everyday. Now before the lynch mob get involved I do not mean most of my friends and workmates. I would not waste my life with you if I thought that you were a cretin. When I die I would like to think that the time I spent on this earth was spent with people who enriched my life and did not drag it down to their level.

It’s no lie that being a massive egotist meant that choosing someone to spend the rest of my life with was a difficult decision. Luckily for me I managed to find someone who I find completely intoxicating mainly through my continued perplexion with how she works. Lucy is an enigma to me who I will never fully work out simply because what makes her tick is completely different to me. Sharing my life experience with her though is the single most pleasurable thing to have happened to me – even when times are hard.

This is a Metaphor. Think Deep Impact. Email me if you figure out what it has to do with me.

Things for both of us have been pretty hard this past month. We’ve both had some pretty mental shit to deal with and we’ve had to make some difficult decisions regarding it. I don’t want to go in to too much detail because although I like to be as open as possible with my life the same cannot be said for everyone (probably why I’d fail to be a journalist).

But what I will say is this. Once again I have been reassured that if you work hard at something enough you will succeed. I refuse to accept that any human being is not able to achieve whatever they put their mind to. Some people are naturally more capable of doing something than others but regardless of any handicap you may have this statement remains true – if you want something enough you will get it. This week both Lucy and I have reaped the rewards of our hard work (i.e change the direction of Lucy’s life and help me to deal with some serious long term crap). We’ve still got a little way to go but I know that as long as we remain focused we will reach our goal.

I wish you the best in luck in your endeavours and perhaps, if you don’t have a particular goal, isn’t it time you had one?


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  1. Ben Lockwood says:

    It’s great to read some of lifes truisms and even if they are painfully obvious for some people as you say, it is always good to get them paraphrased in context allowing those ideas to be defined by your experience. I’m glad Lucy and yourself are strong and have weathered the storm of the last month 🙂


  2. syndathim says:

    Thank you very much Maverick ;-). I hope that my blog continues to draw your interest and if I ever start talking crap please let me know. I only like to provide quality waffle.

  3. I enjoy your writing Andy, but by God do I envy your positivity! Your last comment especially rings close to home with this one, mate. I actually wrote a little about this today, with a slightly more pessimistic point of view. I’d be delighted if you wanted to take a look at it – http://notreallyastruggle.blogspot.co.uk/.
    I’m sorry to hear of recent troubles you have had, too. Once I have gotten this move out of the way, I am making it a point to spend more time with friends.

  4. syndathim says:

    Thanks for the comment Jackson. I read Goals and you may be surprised that I agree with a lot of what you say. Sometimes in it does seem that you crest one metaphorical ‘life hill’ only to find a brand new one lying ahead of you. It often seems like a futile exercise just getting by and never being sure which direction to take.

    I’ve discovered though the best thing to do is keep on going until you find a hill that you like the view from and then you can sit there and enjoy it. Getting rid of the tenuous metaphors for a second I suppose the best example I can think of at the moment is your relationship with Sarah. You struggled on through different relationships until you found someone who you truly love. Mission complete all being well.

    The same applies for everything in life I suppose – i’ll blog about it now based purely on me.

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