Rainy Days…

…aren’t so bad at all (so fuck you Carpenters). The broken sentence that you’ve just read sums up the whole blog so in some respects there’s no reason to continue. Having said that, as you are probably sat reading this as the only alternative to sitting on Facebook trawling through generic status updates you might as well read on.

I used to adore rainy days. As long as I wasn’t walking in the rain I could sit for hours in the bay window of the flat I used to live in watching people get soaked on the street outside. Sometimes I would wave to them while laughing as another car splashed more liquid misery upon them. Amongst the dirty stagnant water streaming down the side of their faces sometime I could sometimes see a tear cutting it’s way through the dirt and grime. A symbol of defiance on their faces which quickly faded as a second car sent a mini wave of water splashing over them. Wankers. (For the record there is a whole society based around the fine art of Schadenfreude that was originally established by the queen in the 50’s – it’s true).

The Queen waving at people in the rain.
The Queen at the fourth annual ‘Laugh at people getting soaked in the rain day’.

Unfortunately, I have since joined the retards outside because I have a giant puppy with an inability to stay still. As a result rainy days now reduce me to the poor folk trudging around; making me too look like some poor Dickensian character. As I pick up dog mess from an overflowing gutter I do laugh ironically that there’s probably someone in a car laughing at me as I go about my delightful duty. Good on them, they’re brighter than I was.

Having said that, it was my choice to get a dog and though it has many downsides at the moment I can’t regret it. In fact in many ways the reason I got a dog was down to the fact that life was getting too comfortable. It was time to complicate things because let’s face it, Humans love a challenge.

Think about it seriously for a second. We spend our entire lives trying to make our lives perfect, testing and stressing ourselves to our limits. Every time we reach a new benchmark we then try and reach another one. Olympic sprinters try and outdo themselves to reach a slightly quicker time by milliseconds if needs be. When you think about it, what is the fucking point in that? You are already better at sprinting than 99% of the population. Which makes you part of the 1% who everyone hates (that’s right isn’t it? If someone has the ability to make their lives better by working harder or being smarter then they’re a shit aren’t they). Mediocrity is the new benchmark people, if you’re prettier, smarter or more skilled than someone else then you are hated. Come join the pack and be accepted into the collective of the unexciting! Alternatively take risks and enjoy the good and the bad times. Revel in your victories and try not to let chance and circumstance get you down. It’s completely out of your control. A bit like rainy days.

And that’s my point really. I love having my dog and I love my life. Yes it’s currently pissing it down outside and has been for my entire holiday. I damaged my car the other day, my old shit phone has died to be replaced by a new shitter phone. I’m 180 pounds into my overdraft and yesterday I was so glum I actually drove to Petersfield and back; on my own. But the honest truth is that despite all that I cannot feel bad. Shit happens and sometimes it rains. All that I can do is try and work harder within the parameters that life gives me. For me the means mentally venting in a blog on a rainy day. If it was sunny I’d probably be down the common but it isn’t so I’m not going to sit here moaning about it. If you’ve managed to read this far then good on you, now go and do something productive with your day armed with the knowledge that it’s up to you to make the best, or worst, of your situation.


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